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Corporate Profile (Management Philosophy)

* Contributing to society & humankind through our technology * Growing to more brilliant company * Improving our original technology and disseminating it to the world, not working as subcontractor * Challenging without fear * Opening new doors don't give up * Aiming for the top of global niche market

Diamond Engineering Co., Ltd.<br />
 President: Shinya Shinozaki<br />

Diamond Engineering (DEC) is a unique engineering company that supply proprietary technology from our own region (in Uozu,Toyama), not only to Japan but also to the entire world.

We have no productive facilities per se, but based on customer requirements, we construct equipment and plants in an integrated system of production form planning, design, production management, field assembly work (in collaboration with other companies), filde construction management, to test running.

Most of our employees are engineers. We assemble a team made up of specialists in civil engineering, architecture, chemistry, metallurgy, machinery, electrical, instrumentation, computers, and construction management fields as required for each project to deliver modern production plants and environmental facilities to our customers. Consequently, we don’t provide what might normally be termed products and services, instead we plan, design and construct custom made-to-order equipment and plants in response to customer’s requirements.

More recently, we also handle the importing of high-quality ,-and low-cost equipment and products from overseas, leveraging by-our experience of constructing equipment and plants in overseas for many years.

We also handle everything from the contracts to the trade-related procedures and customs clearances.

One of our management philosophies is to "Improving our original technology and disseminating it to the world, not working as subcontractor." To that end, it is our goal to grow to more brilliant company, no matter how small.
And, we work toward to contribute to society & humankind through our technology together with all staff.