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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview Established July 3, 1969
Capitalization 90 million yen
Banking Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Hokuriku Bank, First Bank of Toyama, Hokkoku Bank, Toyama Bank
President Shinozaki Shin’-ya
Number of
184 (as of April 30, 2013)
Permits/Registration Special Construction License Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism permit (Spec. 17) No. 5405
Permits Construction engineering, Electrical work, Pipelaying work, Steel construction,
Machinery installation, Public engineering, Water facilities work, Scaffold/construction/concrete work
Industrial waste collection and 01601060752
Registration Sewage treatment plant construction, operation & maintenance (3) Div. 19-292
Water purification facilities maintenance, inspection, contractor 21-69
Special water purification facilities construction contractor Toyama governor (Notification-60) No. 4-19
Electrical work Toyama governor No. 5001
Measurement certification (Toyama governor) Thickness: No. 516
Noise: No. 6302
Vibration: No. 7
Buildings drinking water quality inspection Toyama, water 18, No. 4-11
Working environment measurement association No. 16-6
Soil contamination designated investigation No. 2003-1-434
Hot spring water composition analysis Toyama governor, Toyama-06
Building air environmental measurement association Toyama, Air 21, No. 2-18
Gravel quarrying Toyama governor, No. 234
Special worker dispatch business Spec. 16-04-0002
Toxic substances general sales No. 0039
Grade 1 authorized architect & builder No. (1)1874
ISO ISO9001: Acquired in 2008, Certificate No. YKA0200342