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Diamond Engineering Co., Ltd., has established a set of "Basic Guidelines related to Corporate Activities" as its core corporate philosophy. Furthermore, we have implemented "Standards of Conduct" that are based on these guidelines.

Basic Guidelines related to Corporate Activities

Diamond Engineering Co., Ltd. is a global enterprise that complies with all laws and regulations, conforms to all social norms, and conducts fair and transparent management in accordance with the following corporate activity basic guidelines.

1. Comply with all laws and ordinances applicable to our corporate activity, adhere fully to social norms and ethics, and conduct corporate activity sensibly.
2. Endeavor to form an accurate understanding of market and customer needs, and provide superior products and services in terms of quality, price, safety, and other features.
3. Cultivate a corporate culture that respects human nature and fosters employee talent, where "each individual can express ideas and implement them", while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees, providing comfort and prosperity.
4. Actively work to protect the global environment by incorporating environmental conservation in all areas of corporate activity.
5. Build mutual trust and collaborative relationships for co-existence and co-prosperity with shareholders, customers, and the regional community.
6. Contribute to society and civilisation as a valued corporate citizen.
7. Resolutely confront antisocial influences and groups that pose a threat to civil order and safety.

Standards of Conduct

Our mission at Diamond Engineering Co., Ltd. is to contribute to the prosperity of society by creating products that play a part in improving consumer living standards and which assist the growth of customer’s companies.
To that end, we have established the following standards of conduct to be observed by all executives and employees.

  1. Compliance with all laws and ordinances
    1. (1)Promotion of fair competition
      (compliance with antitrust laws & subcontracting laws)
    2. (2)Prevention of insider trading
    3. (3)Protection and disclosure prevention of trade secrets
    4. (4)Compliance with import/export-related laws
  2. Prohibition of acts that harm the interest of the company or executives/employees
  3. Prohibition of improper transactions
  4. Appropriate use of company assets
  5. Appropriate political activity
    1. (1)Compliance with all government laws and regulations
    2. (2)Prohibition of obligation to support a particular political organization
  6. Promotion of environmental conservation and disaster prevention
  7. Provision of favorable work environment and safety. Respect for civil liberties
  8. Moderation of use of business entertainment and exchange of gifts
  9. Termination of relationships with antisocial influences