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Blast-furnace related facilities

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Converter refining facilities
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Hot metal pretreatment facilities

■All technology processes for removing phosphorus, unique in the world.
Dephosphorization is the process of removing phosphorus from hot metal during hot metal pretreatment and converter refining.
Dephosphorization can be divided into three parts, corresponding to the processing methods.

  • Injection method
  • Mechanical agitation method (= KR method)
  • Converter dephosphorization method
Hot metal pretreatment facilities

DEC is the only company in the world that possesses all three technologies.

■Post mixing allows the powder mixture ratio to be freely changed
Pattern of post mixing

DEC powder injection uses a variable valve and differential pressure control to provide continuous, stable discharge, making it practicable to change the mixture ratio of powders during injection (post mixing).

Schematic of post mixing

■Optimized processing systems for removing impurities (desiliconization, dephosphorization, desulfurization).

We have developed proprietary optimized processing systems that have achieved great results in removing silicon, phosphorus, sulfur in the steelmaking process.
The high removal efficiency obtained results in very high-grade steel output.

Schematic of post mixing