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Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) Facility

Our injection facilities take advantage of all the technology developed and compiled over the years as a powder transportation equipment maker.
They are very highly regarded both domestically and overseas.


1. High precision injection into blast furnace tuyères using fixed distributors.

The DEC’s own developed differential pressure control system, which equalizes the pressure difference between inner pressure of Feed tank and injection pressure, realizes uniform injection of the pulverized coal discharged from Feed tank into the blast furnace tuyeres.


2. High powder flow control ability using Powry valves and differential pressure control system.

When rotary valve or table feeder is applied, the powder discharge is intermittent and unstable, and a large amount of gas is required to prevent pulsing of the powder flow.

However, with our Powry valve and differential pressure control systems, the volume of transportation gas is reduced to a minimum, and more responsive and stable control can be achieved.

Powry valves

3. Simple construction, easy maintenance.

Because of its simple structure consisting only of equalizing tank and feed tank, our PCI facility requires less maintenance and fewer equipment than that of other companies.

Injection process flow
Injection process flow
PCI facility
PCI facility