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Powry valves(Flow control valve for powder)

This valve is a compact powder flow regulator featuring high-precision discharge of various types of powder.


The powder passes through an opening (aperture) in the contact surfaces of two adjoining rotors.
The rotors turn in opposing directions, changing the effective cross-sectional area of the opening, and continuously control the amount of powder discharged.

Powry valves appearance
Powry valves

Internal structure of variable valve
Internal structure
of variable valve

Illustration of rotor
of rotor

Operated by Twin Rotors, the cross-sectional area varies smoothly in concentric variation from fully open to fully close.
Twin rotor


Provides stable, continuous pneumatic flow over a wide range, unlike the intermittent discharge of conventional rotary valves.

Can be used with powders that are highly abrasive or adhesive.

Wide range of size variation (50 to 100A)

Controllable over rangeability of 5:1.