Equipment Outline

In a Hollow Electrode System, a pipe (hollow case) is installed in the center of the electrode, and powdered feedstock is fed through this pipe into the furnace to the space below the electrodes.By using this system, it is now possible to use powdered quicklime and coke, which were previously unusable, as feedstock. Additionally, this system reduces electrode consumption and stabilizes electrode firing, which leads to reduced cost of carbide production.

Size of the feedstock used in the furnace for carbide production is closely related to the performance of the electric furnace, and fine materials (4mm and smaller) within the feedstock can lead to difficulty in operation and reduced performance. The Hollow Electrode System is an innovative technology that allows for the effective use of fine materials by passing them directly to the arc layer beneath the electrodes through a vertical passage in the center of the electrodes, leading to reduced consumption of electrodes and a more stable condition for the furnace.

Equipment Characteristics

1) Allows for 13-20% of carbon material used to be pulverized coal.
2) Allows for 10% of quicklime used to be filtered fine quicklime.
3) Electrode consumption is reduced by 30-50%.
4) Reduces blowing and bridging in the furnace, making operation easier.
5) The furnace environment can easily be adjusted by changing the mix ratios and amounts of the powdered feedstock and coal poured into the hollow electrode.