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Gazing at the future for mankind and the natural environment.Developing engineering that creates the future, through extensive experience and superior technology.

We deal in a diverse range of equipment and facilities, while maintaining standards is our highest priority.

Comfortable facilities that reflect human intelligence and sensitivity.

Environment- friendly& Human-friendly Equipment.

DEC contributes to the foundation of a richer future society by creating facilities that are genuinely valuable for both mankind and the Earth.

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Steel Making Plants

Steel Making Plants

Chemical & Environmental Plants

Field of our most active participation around the world.

We apply our iron/steel refining and powder handling technologies, acquired over many years, in a diverse range of practical applications throughout the wider industrial world.

We offer planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various plant facilities.

We provide total efficient systems based on integrated plant engineering.

  • Domestic and Overseas iron & steel works facility planning & construction
  • Waste plastic injection facility planning & construction
  • Planning and construction of plants for the power and chemical industries.
Steel Making Plants Chemical & Environment Plants