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Iron manufacture plant business
The field of activity goes to the world. 
Making full use of the steel refining and powder handling technology cultivated over many years,
we aim to apply it to a wider range of fields in the industrial world.

● Hot metal pretreatment plant
● Various iron making machines and equipment
● Powder transfer / blowing technology
Power plant business
Contributes to reducing the environmental load with advanced powder handling technology. We support the development of cutting-edge power generation technology that improves power generation efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

● Integrated coal gasification combined cycle
● Powder transport test facility
● Powder transfer / blowing technology
Plant construction, maintenance business
Make an optimal and best work plan under any conditions. Experienced staff will construct and maintain various equipment and buildings, mainly in various plants, with reliable and reliable technology.

● Plant production / construction
● Automation / labor saving work
● Maintenance / inspection / repair work
Analysis business
Aiming for the development of a clean industry that is kind to people and the earth. We will utilize our experience and technology in environmental analysis and applied analysis for the safety and security of air, soil, water, and people.

● Foreign matter analysis / composition analysis
● Environmental survey / measurement
● Various chemical tests
Chemical environmental plant business
Plan, design, construct, operate and maintain various plants for every scene. We provide an efficient system with comprehensive plant engineering under contract. 

●Chemical industry equipment
●Environmental improvement equipment
●Powder transfer / blowing technology

Valve business
We manufacture and provide metal touch ball valves and powder flow rate control valves that we have developed independently to meet the needs of our customers under strict quality control.
●Development, production and quality control of in-house valves
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I demand the business other side (partner) whom our company continues a superior product widely and can provide.
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Procurement item information
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