Of a living and the natural environments of the person stare at from this.
I develop engineering to make the future with abundant experience and a superior technique.
In abundant experience and a superior technique,
I develop engineering to make the future.
When we deal with a great variety of facilities, facilities,
Standard, it which take first priority most are "people".
The comfortable facilities where intelligence and the sensitivity of the person breathe.
The facilities which anyone feels relieved kindly on the earth, and are usable.
For a thing truly valuable for a person and the earth,
DEC contributes to rich future social creation.
Business guidance
Iron manufacture plant business
The field of the achievement to the world. I make full use of steel refinement and the powders handling technology that I cultivated for many years and it is wider and aims at the application to the various fields of the industry.
●Melted pig iron spare processing equipment
●Various iron manufacture plants
●Various iron manufacture machines, devices
●Powders conveyance, *komigijutsu
Electricity plant business
I contribute to reduction of the environmental load in a high powders handling technology. I support the highest generation technology development to reduce improvement of the generation efficiency, a discharge of the greenhouse gas.
●Coal gasification compound power generation
●Semiworks for exclusive use of powders
●Powders conveyance, *komigijutsu
Plant construction, maintenance business
The best work environment most suitable under any condition. If the expert staff is reliable, in a technique of the trust, I perform construction, the maintenance of various apparatuses and buildings mainly on various plants.
●Plant production, construction
●Automation, labor saving construction
●Maintenance, check, repair construction
Analysis business
For a person and the clean industrial development that is kind to the earth. For security and the relief of the sky, soil, water and the person, I make use of experience and the technique of environmental analysis, the applied analysis.
●Alien substance analysis, composition analysis
●Environmental research, the measurement
●Various chemical tests
Chemical environmental plant business
Various plants corresponding to every scene from a plan, a design to construction, driving, maintenance. In general plant engineering to undertake for total, I provide an effective system.
●Chemical industry facilities
●Environmental improvement facilities
●Powders conveyance, *komigijutsu
Valve business
I perform the cause company production of the severe quality control and provide a metal touch ball valve, the powders flow quantity adjustment valve which I developed originally to meet the needs of the customer.
●Development, production, quality control of the company valve
Procurement information
I demand the business other side (partner) whom our company continues a superior product widely and can provide.
The purchasing basic policy
Flow of the purchase procedure
Usage of the procurement item information
Procurement item information
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Employment information
The assets that "human resources" are very happy.
I think that the investment in "person" is the most important
It is human resources that support our technique. Our business growth is not possible without the growth of the person. Therefore I think that the investment in working employee is the most important. I introduce an incentive wages system depending on the acquisition qualification for upbringing and the technology improvement of the employee and back up an engineer learning positively strongly.
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Welfare program
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